Loft Conversions Are Becoming Popular

With the newly built houses getting smaller and smaller, loft conversions are becoming increasingly popular as study shows. Study shows that a majority of people who are buying this new houses are often resorting into getting a loft conversion due to the lack of bedrooms and lack of living space.


Well all know very well that homes aren’t as big as they use to be, I mean the house that I am living in now is a 3 bedroomed house but the bedrooms are very large and have enough room to fit a kingsize bed and still have room to work with. Newer homes are tend to provide you with just the right amount so there isn’t much room to add any extras in. Although we are unsure as to why the sizes of the newer homes are decreasing this will still continue to worry those who are searching for a home. This however is good news for those with an older house, not only are the rooms bigger, older homes have thicker walls and stronger structures the value will increase dramatically.

Should I Bother Again?

It is something that I wanted to do for a long time but I just couldn’t be bothered to do it. A this moment there are probably all sorts going through your head as to what this might be and that is normal but I will explain for those who want to know.

for sale car

What I wanted to do is to replace my old car for a new one. You already know that it is something I really want to do but you just don’t know why I can’t be bothered. The reason why is because I know how much of a headache it can be. Searching for a new car, in most cases, is a very stressful task because it can be very hard locating the car you are after in a suitable location for you. I have already tired in the past to look for a car and it is virtually impossible to find a car, if you are fussy, in your local dealer. I used a search engine to look for used cars Staffordshire in hope to locate some dealers in my area and search for the car I was after.

Trying To Stretch My Ears

I have been trying to stretch my ears recently because I really like the jewellery available for stretched ears. I did a lot of research before I started the stretching process, because I knew it was something that I need to do before I start as ear lobe stretching is a form of body modification and requires care.


I have been using a professional ear stretching kit I bought on The kit I bought consists of steel ear tapers that gradually increase in size. I bought steel tapers because I read about how they don’t absorb bacteria and are safer to stretch with. I have currently increased my ear size to 3mm, I want increase the size to about 8mm because I think that would be suitable size to stretch my ears to. The one thing I have noticed while stretching my ears is that it takes a long time to stretch your ears and it takes even longer the bigger you get. I currently have a black steel plug in my ear and i’m gradually increasing the size.

Researching On Underfloor Heating

I wasn’t aware of how good underfloor heating actually is, until I did some research on the new heating system myself. I looked into underfloor heating because I was interested in finding out more about this new heating system and maybe fitting it in.

underfloor heat

I spent a lot of time researching amount underfloor heating and I found out a lot of useful information that I am willing to share with you. Underfloor heating had many benefits such as:

  • Provides you with warm flooring
  • Provides you with warm rooms
  • It distributes heat evenly
  • It has very low running costs
  • It doesn’t require maintenance
  • It saves you a lot of money

Some of the negatives sides of underfloor heating is that it runs on low temperatures, it may only be suitable for people who are having flooring work doe to their home. The underfloor heating system requires you to raise your floor to make room for the installation. I did install underfloor heating because I was very happy with the benefits I discovered through this system,

My Opinions On Underfloor Heating

What I will be writing in about in todays post is my thoughts and opinions on underfloor heating along with a few solid positives and negatives of this heating system. I have had underfloor heating installed in my home for one and a half years so what I will be covering is from my personal experience.

For those who know very little about underfloor heating and how it works, I will go over it very briefly. Underfloor heating works by powerful heated rods that are placed evenly beneath your flooring and are usually heated up by electricity allowing you to have warm floors and warm rooms.

Here are some of the facts of this heating system.

  • It will warm up your floor
  • It provides equal heat distribution
  • Very low maintenance
  • Completely out of sight
  • Low running costs

underfloor heat

Underfloor heating heat profile and the way heat is distributed is ideal for ultimate comfort due to the way heat rises. I have benefited so much from installing underfloor heating, it is so comfortable and it saves me large amount of money in the long term.  As far as the negatives go, the only real issues can be that it can take a little while to heat up, they can be hard to access if something was to go wrong and it runs on low temperatures.

Buying A Mother Some Gold Jewellery

My mother really likes gold jewellery so I thought it would be really nice of me to buy her a new piece of gold jewellery. I wanted to buy her a piece of jewellery that is very similar to the one she wear now because it is her favourite expect I just want the one that I buy for her to be a lot better than hers.


What she has at the moment is a gold chain with a pendant on it. I had a look around in some of my local jewellers to try and find something that is very similar but better but I found that it was a waste of my time because I didn’t know for sure if any of these jewellers actually had what I was looking for because it was a specific style etc.

This is the reason I started to look online for the perfect jewellery for her. In the end I did find what I thought was perfect and I ordered it. My mother loved her gift and thats what made it all worth it!

Browsing For The Unique Jeweller

I was browsing the web for diamond wedding rings. I wanted to find a diamond wedding ring that was both unique and very elegant. I was after a diamond wedding ring because I am going to get married! After all these years being together and hoping for this day to come we have finally decided to go through with it. One of the main reasons on why I was searching online for this wedding ring is because it is a a lot more convenient to try and find the perfect ring because there is a larger variety online and you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. I also wanted to find a ring that would be unique and not as common as other jewellery found.

platinum ring

I was trying to find a jeweller who offers the best possible jewellery and that was local to me too. I wanted to buy a wedding that was special because she is a special woman to me. I managed to locate a jeweller in the jewellery quarter and the ring I bought was fantastic.

The Nightmare of a Pipe

I was in need of a twin wall pipe yesterday and I still remember the struggle we went through to locate one.  Now some of you may be wondering why on Earth I needed a twin wall pipe, some of you may not even know what one is or heard of it at all.



I was trying to find a twin wall pipe because I had recently bought a new fireplace that ran on real fire and not one of those electric imitation fireplaces. Due to the fact that this was a real fireplace it needed to be connected to my chimney in order for it to be safe to use. To connect it to the chimney I needed a special set of piping and that piping was called twin wall pipes. I headed over to a few DIY stores and I had no luck in finding this special pipe. It was a nightmare trying to locate one. I didn’t think that they were this hard to find. After asking one of the storeowners if he knew where else I could buy one. he located me to a company called Cotterill Civils. They are a drainage and agricultural equipment specialists and provided me with the correct piping.

Struggling To Find Unique Jewellery

Are you currently struggling to find jewellery that is both unique and highly fashionable? If you are then you are heading in the right direction. What I will be covering in todays post is a jeweller that provides fine hand crafted bespoke jewellery.

The jewellers are called Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. Before I go on about why they are a great jeweller to visit for hand crafted bespoke jewellery, I will explain a little more about the company. They have been around for 3 generations and is currently owned by David Hamlington. Hamlingtons provide hand crafted bespoke jewellery that is made all by themselves so there is no need for a middle man.

bespoke ring

What makes Hamlingtons so special is that they have some of the best collection of fin jewellery. They also have collections to suit colours and styles too. Hamlingtons jewellery can also be tailored o suit your preferences to truly create a perfect piece of jewellery for you. If you would like to locate a Hamlingtons Jewellery areas near you, please visit their website for more information.

Hunt For A Hot Tub

I am on the hunt for a hot tub. Why I want to buy a hot tub is because I love hot tubs! Since the first time I tired a hot tub and that was in Spain, I decided I really wanted to buy one because the sensation is just amazing and nothing like anything you have ever felt from a bath rub or pool or even other form of relaxation. Relaxing in a hot tub is the best.

Luxury Hot Tub

I know that the best place to start searching is online. I spent the whole of yesterday looking for cheap hot tubs and I couldn’t quite find a hot tub I really liked with the sort of price I was after. I was after a relatively small hot tub because I wasn’t planing on sharing it with anyone but I did want one with specific seating arrangements and cup holders etc. I did have a look today too at some hot tubs and I think I may have found one that I like, I am considering going tomorrow to have a look at it.

Have You Installed Underfloor Heating?

If you haven’t installed underfloor heating yet then what are you waiting for? You might be wondering why I am asking you this and you may be interested in finding out more about underfloor heating and why it is good. If so, you are looking in the right place.

There are so many reasons on why you should install underfloor heating in your room some of which are:

  • You will have warm floor.
  • You will benefit from equal heat distribution.
  • You can save a huge amount of money in the long term.
  • The heating system is fuss free and doesn’t require maintenance.
  • Underfloor heating is hidden and out of the way.
  • You open up more space for interior design.

Underfloor heating isn’t just good for those reasons it is also the revolutionary new heating system that provides ultimate comfort as it’s heat profile starts from the ground and raises. This is ideal as the heat gradually decreases as it reaches the ceiling. We achieve ultimate comfort when our feet are slightly warmer than our hands. This is why you should make the switch.

My Wonderful New Tap

I was looking for some plumbers yesterday to fit in my new tap I bought for my downstairs bathroom. The tap is so nice! It changes colour with the water temperature. It is dark blue when the water is cold then as it warms up it turns into a bright red colour. I bought this tap from a bathrooms specialist online. It took 2 weeks for this to arrive as I ordered it from China.


I rang up a plumber that my friend told me to call, she said she has came over before to fix her plumbing. He was a very nice, well mannered guy and it didn’t take him long to fit it in either. I have it fully installed now and it just looks amazing. Who would have thought such a simple idea would go so well, it also great fro my children too because they know when the water is the right temperature for them. All in all, it is a great new purchase for my home that is also practical too as well as looking funky!

A Review on Underfloor Heating

What I will be writing about today, for those who haven’t already worked it out from the title, is my review on underfloor heating. Before I begin my review on this new heating system, I will first explain a little about what it is and how it works to clear up any uncertainties.

underfloor heating mats

Underfloor heating is a new heating system that work by evenly placed heated rods that are placed beneath your flooring and as a result it leaves you with heated up floors and rooms.

I have had underfloor heating installed for just over 8 months now and I think this is more than long enough to notice the positives and negatives of underfloor heating. First of all I will start with the negatives.

Negatives of underfloor heating

  • Not practical for those who aren’t having remodelling done
  • Runs on low temperatures
  • May take a longer time to heat up your room
  • You will have to raise your floor in order to fit it in

Thos are the only negatives I have now that the negatives are out of the way it is time for the positives.

  • Warm floors
  • Equal heat distribution
  • No maintenance
  • Out of the way and sight
  • Low running costs
  • No cold spots
  • Very long lasting
  • Easy to install


One Thing I need For My Office

There was one thing I still needed to by for my office and that was a paper shredder. The reason why I was after a paper shredder is because there is a lot of paperwork I have sitting in my office and at home that I need to dispose of but the only problem is I don’t want to throw it in the bin because that will leave all my confidential paperwork unprotected  and this could cause the paperwork to possibly get into the wrong hands.


I began my search for a paper shredder online because I knew I will be able to find a lot more variety online than what I will find in a store. The closets and only store near me that will sell a paper shredder is a book store and to be honest they will probably only have 1 or 2 to chose from if that. I found a website online called Their website was a very easy to use website with lots of attractive colours that drawn me into looking further into buying a shredder from them. I did buy one and the delivery was very quick. The product is equally as good!

My Experience With Rainwater Harvesting

I have had a rainwater harvesting system installed on my property for over 7 months now and I have been really benefiting from this new way to supply yourself with water. If you are wondering what the benefits are form rainwater harvesting and what the process consists of, then you are heading in the right direction. What I will be explaining today is how rainwater harvesting benefits me, how the process works and my experience with it.

First of all, rainwater harvesting is a process in which rainwater is collected and filtered then stored in a water storage device ready for use. This process is quick and easy and one method is explained by the diagram below.




Rainwater harvesting has benefited me n many ways. One of the most important factors of rainwater harvesting is that it saves me a lot of money on my water bills. The reason why you save money is because rainwater is free, and it is naturally clean through evaporation. I have been using the water with rainwater harvesting to water my garden and even wash my car!

If You Are Looking For Jewellery

I noticed that there was a perfect place to go for high quality jewellery. If you are wondering what this place is called that I noticed or you are wondering why is is the perfect place for high quality jewellery then allow me to explain. The place that i noticed was the jewellery quarter Birmingham.

Now some of you may have already heard about the jewellery quarter, some of you may already know how good the place is for high quality jewellery and that is okay, you can relate to this post. For those who don’t know what is so great about the jewellery quarter, please continue reading.

birmingham jewellery quarter

The jewellery quarter has been around for many years and has built itself a reputation over the years of providing the finest jewellery in UK. What makes the jewellery quarter so popular is that you are able to shop for jewellery quickly and conveniently because the jewellers are all located in the same area. This makes comparing and searching for your jewellery a much easier task and a fun one too. The jewellery quarter also offers the best range of jewellery, the range of jewellery and styles of jewellery one can find in this fantastic location is one of the main reasons what makes the jewellery quarter the place to shop for high quality jewellery.

My Visit To a Luxury Spa

I was looking to buy a hot tub ever since I went to visit a luxury spa in the weekend as a personal treat to get some time to myself. The spa was unbelievable. It truly was a fantastic experience to just relax and have the whole weight of the world off your shoulders. The spa had everything you would expect when it comes to relaxing in luxury. The spa had sun beds, saunas, hot tubs, jacuzzis, pools, and massaging.

Luxury Hot Tub

One of my favourite things about the spa ,if you haven’t already gathered from the introduction, was the hot tubs. There is nothing quite like the sensation of sitting in a hot tub. The hot tub is just ideal for ultimate mind and body relaxation. The hot tub also great to take my mind of my daily stresses of life. The one thing I loved the most about the hot tub was that it was much better than having a long soak in the bath. This is what I use to do before and I still will continue doing unless I buy a hot tub soon.

Paying My Grandparents A Visit

I headed over to my grandparents house last weekend just to pay them a visit and see how things are getting a long with them and how there life had been, just a catch up really and to enjoy their lovely food too! My grandmother is a great cook and she can also bake very well too.


I love to eat my grandmothers home made brownies. She makes them perfectly and I don’t see how they could ever be beaten by shop bought brands. While I was over at their house I noticed there was a guy round their house taking a look at their stairlift that they have in their home. I asked my granddad what the guy was doing to the stairlift and if it was broken. My granddad told me not to worry he is the guy who services the stairlift and he is only checking to see if the stairlift is in full working condition. I didn’t think that stairlift servicing was needed but then again I guess most things that require our safety does.

Searching For ThIs Pipe

I was on a mad search for a specialist piping called a twin wall pipe. Twin wall pipes aren’t that hard to find but the one that I was in need of was. I was after a perforated special pipe that only my builder knows how it exactly looks so I had to take my builder with me to go on this mad search. We tried many DIY stores like Homebase and Wickes but they didn’t have the pipe we were looking for according to my builder so we continued looking around, we even asked the store owners and they said the best place to go to for specialist piping is a drainage solution specialist.


While we was in his van we did a quick search online for drianage specialists and we came across Cotterill Civils. Cotteril Civils looked like the best place to visit and it wasn’t that far away from us either so we headed over to them. Luckily for us we spoke to a specialist and he had the twin wall pipe we were looking so desperately for!

Guess What I love In My Room

Theres one thing in my room that I really love and I know for a fact you could never guess what it is. Go on have a guess? I bet your thoughts right now are something along the lines of my xbox or some sort of games console, my PC, my bed or I don’t know maybe a pair of trainers or something but you couldn’t be more wrong if thats what your thoughts and guesses are. You probably would want to know what this item is now before I bore you to death. The item that I love the most in my room is my amazing paper shredder!

I bet you didn’t see that one coming did you? It is so funny that it is the one thing I really love but it is just so fun to use. The obvious use for a paper shredder is to shred paper but my shredder can also shred cardboard, bank cards and even CD’s. I have such a good shredder it is so fun. I bought my shredder from

My Review: Your Limo Hire

In the planning of a recent family surprise party, I was tasked in finding a limousine to take some of us from the house out for a meal in Essex on the night, so I had a look around to find the best priced limo hire in Essex. After speaking with a few friends about their experiences, and having a look on Google I found a company called

Their website looked great and they showcased a wonderful fleet of limousines online, so I decided to pick up the phone and give them a call. From the first minute I was pretty much sold, and the effortlessness it took for me to arrange everything was what made it so fantastic.

I know it’s a busy time for booking limousines at the moment so I wasn’t expecting them to have such fantastic availability, but without a hitch everything went to plan, which helped to make it such a memorable night.

I would definitely recommend to anyone, and they are well worth taking a look at should be in the market for a vehicle in areas across the country.

Ahead Of The Fashion Game

When it comes to fashion I always like to be ahead of the game. I have been into fashion and dressing in fashionable clothing since I was very young. I have also been doing a lot of study in latest fashion trends and accessories to match. I do a lot of my research through magazines that include various fashion styles and I also like to search the web a lot to really get an insight to the latest trends. If you haven;t already gather from what I have wrote above that I am crazy about fashion then where have you been?

hooped earrings

I recently did some accessory shopping. I tried looking online but I didn’t exactly like anything I saw and what made it worse was that I couldn’t see it in in front of me and actually tell if I like it or not. This is why I went to visit dome jewellers that are around my area. What I wanted to buy was gold hoop earrings because they are 80′s style which is trending at the moment. I bought some 9ct gold hoop earrings.

Watches Are Timeless

Watches are timeless, watches can be found everywhere. If you are looking to buy a watch you will certainly be able to find one no matter what your style may be. Watches can be made in virtually any material that is suitable. There are watches for men and watches for women. Wether it is a smart sophisticated watch you are after or a more flashy and fashionable one, they are all available across the globe.

Million Dollar Watch

Watches have evolved from a very simple piece of jewellery that told the time and it  was often worn on the wrist or attached to a necklace in the early days. Today watches can be found in various different style and are mass produced. Watches can also range from very low prices to 5 digit prices and higher. Watches can also be worn to compliment the wearer’s style and in some cases , even their wealth status. Watches in todays society are a very popular fashion accessory and are mostly worn for that reason. Are you looking to buy? If so, I advise you to search for a designer watch as designer watches offer the best quality and styles.

In Need of New Jewellery

I was looking to buy some new jewellery for myself as I am bored of my old jewellery. The jewellery I was after wasn’t just regular fashionable jewellery, I was after fine jewellery. Jewellery that is unique and not as common as the jewellery that most jewellers provide.

birmingham jewellery quarter

These are the main reason on why I wanted to locate a jeweller who would provide me  with unique jewellery and in Birmingham too because I live in Birmingham so that was when I started searching for birmingham jewellers and Birmingham jewellery. Some of the most popular results where of the jewellery quarter. This is when I suddenly realised that the jewellery quarter is and always will be the best place to buy fine jewellery in Birmingham. I made a trip to the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter recently and I did end up buying a few sets of jewellery because I am slightly obsessed with shopping and shopping for jewellery. What I bought was a new ring, a bracelet and a gold necklace as well as silver necklace too.

Customised Cars!

I recently purchased a new car so I can play around with it and customise it the way I would like to. I have always loved customised cars since I was a little kid and now that I am all grown up with a well paid job and I can drive, I have my very own customised car. Who would have thought it. It isn’t something you expect to ever get as a child and when you grow up you usually forget about it or grow out of it.

Cartoon Car

Fortunately for me I still have a passion for it and it just feels amazing living my childhood dream in a sense. I bought a Citroen Saxo because I think they a brilliant for body modification and they are also very cheap to replace parts on and maintain. I found my car through a online car dealer called cars 2 you. I typed in a search engine used cars lichfield and it lead me to their site. I have had no problems with the car and I am very happy with it.

My Ring Valued

I had a ring that was given to me as a gift for my 10th wedding anniversary. the ring was truly beautiful it was a platinum ring with a diamond in bedded in it. It was one of my favourite rings and it still is. I have had this ring now for 2 years and I really love it. I never knew how much it actually costs because my partner never wanted to tell me the price.

platinum ring

For this reason I thought I would take it to a professional jeweller who offers fine  high quality jewellery to get it valued just to get a rough estimate on how much it is worth and how much it would have cost my partner to buy this for me as a anniversary gift. The gentleman who dod the evaluation of the ring did say that the ring contains certified diamonds and that ring itself is made out of pure platinum and the overall value he thinks it was worth is £300 – £400. I was quite surprised and I felt good to know that it was genuine too.

Clearing Out My Paperwork

I recently purchased a paper shredder because I felt like I needed to sort out my collection of paper work that I have manage to gather up over the years. The reason why I wanted to buy a paper shredder and not just throw out the paper because along with the paper work was quite a fee important documents that I do not want it to get into the wrong hands and for piece of mind. Another reason why I wanted to purchase a paper shredder was because it is a lot easier to dispose of the paper and the fact that it is just fun to shred paper.


I bought my paper shredder from I came across their website by searching for paper shredders in google, They have a large variety of shredders and their website is very user friendly. They have a decent amount of stock and a great colour scheme on their website. I love my paper shredder not only is it a practical item for the home it is also very fun to use.

My Birthday Celebration

It was my birthday a few days ago and I really had a great time celebrating it. I celebrated my birthday with my family. We went out together and watched a film in 3D and then we went to eat at Nando’s. The food and the film was just amazing. The film we went to see was Godzilla. The film is so good a lot better than I expected, especially the 3D and the special effects. The food was also great I mean you can never be disappointed about eating at this place.

9ct gold chain

A had a few gifts too, some of which were better than others but they will still good gift nonetheless. Some of the gifts I was given were new trainers, new clothes, a new xbox one and a 9ct gold chain. The gold chain hasn’t the greatest of gifts but hey, at least I still like it and do wear it form time to time.  I am looking to spend my weekend out for my birthday with my friends. I cannot wait it will be very fun.

Fathers Day Watch

I had to buy a designer watch fro my dad on fathers day. The reason why I chose to buy such an expensive gift was because not only do I love my father he also buys me very expensive gifts too so I thought it is only fair if I return the favour. You may be wondering why I bought a designer watch and not like an aftershave and other things, if you are that’t fine.

Million Dollar Watch


The reason why I bought a designer watch was because my dad loves to wear watches. He has always been a fan of designer watch and he tends to buy a lot of different looking watches and watches with unique features. He even bought I watch that you could use as a phone! I chose designer watches and not just a normal watch because of the quality of the watches and the unique designs that designer watches include. When I gave the gift to my dad his reaction was priceless, truly worth the money spent.

My New Central Heating

After so many years putting up with my rubbish central heating system I decided it is time for an upgrade. I want to get rid of my old heating straight away. They are not performing the way they should be and they look horrible. Due to the fact that my central heating system isn’t performing well it is costing me a lot of money to run and I am not benefiting from it at all. This is the reason why I thought would be a better idea to replace them with new more modern looking heating system.


I wanted a modern central heating system because I new the new heating systems are more efficient than the older ones because they are built differently. I also really like the designs of some modern heating systems. When I was hopping around for a new central heating system I came across a really nice one that was white and had a more modern look to it. I ordered them sraight away because I was so done with putting up with poor heating and then paying more money just to run them. My new heating system will be installed in a few days time when they arrive.

The Perfect Platinum Ring

I was on a search for platinum wedding rings. If you haven’t guessed from those few words on to the reason why, I am quite surprised. Well the reason why if you haven’t gathered is that I am getting married! After all those years hoping at one point we can push our relationship on step further and soon get married is finally coming true.

platinum ring

My partner and I have been together for over 6 years and we have moved out together and also had a new born baby too who is 7 moths old. It is a boy and his name is James. I had been searching for this ring for a long time because I only wanted what was best for my future wife.  I did a lot of comparisons and a lot of online searching and then it hit me. The best place to go for this ring is the jewellery quarter. I headed over to the jewellery quarter, this place was ideal because you could easily compare the jewellers and I did find what I believe to be the perfect one.

Learn To Drive Today

Do you want to learn how to drive? Are you currently learning how to drive? If these questions relate to you then this post is ideal for you, if these questions do not relate to you then this post may not be relevant to you.

Cartoon Car

If you want to learn how to drive and are currently learning how to drive you might already realise that it isn’t as hard as you may have previously imagined. This is the reason why so many people are driving these days and it is the dominant form of travel in todays society. Learning how to drive is very popular today as well as driving. It is important you find a quality driving instructor who teaches you at your pace and doesn’t cut corners or drag on the lessons to drain your money. I had a driving instructor before who did this to me so I know to stay well away from these kind. I did find a driving instructors Birmingham who were great. Learning how to drive isn’t cheap, neither is driving so you have to be prepared to spend a lot of money either way.

Found My Way To Relax

Relaxation is a must. It is essential for our lives and our body has a same need for it just like food and water. What makes relaxation such an important and powerful tool is that it controls your bodies regeneration and recovery by resting and repairing your body and mind allowing you to become stronger and more capable.

One way of relaxing which you may overlook is sleeping. Sleeping is the most common form of relaxation and is the natural way for your body to recover, repair and grow.

Apart from the natural form of relaxation there are many others ways in which you can relax, relaxing through the day is also important too.

If you are like me and you struggle to properly relax like lying down in bed and reading a book isn’t entertaining for you then you may want to sit and watch TV which is fine as long as you are comfortable and able to free your mind.

Luxury Hot Tub

I suffer from troubles trying to relax in the day so I went and purchased a hot tub. Hot tubs can be very expensive but luckily I found some cheap hot tubs and it’s my favourite way to truly relax.

Looking For Jewellery

When it comes to shopping for jewellery in Birmingham theres is no other place like the jewellery quarter. What makes the jewellery quarter the place to go is because they this pace offers an unbelievable amount for variety of fine jewellery. nothing like you local jewellers that provide common unattractive and boring jewellery although for some of you this may not be the case or that much of a problem but it’s fine.

birmingham jewellery quarter

For me it is a problem, I love jewellery it’s just something about it that makes me want to have it. I think it looks attractive and like in most fine jewellery they are a work of art and should be respected. Birmingham Jewellery Quarter has been around for many years and generates a large amount of income due to the amount a jewellery sold each day in this marvellous place. The jewellery quarter is great for the average jewellery shopper and for thos e who are adventurous or like to collect jewellery. If you are after jewellery and live near Birmingham you must visit this place

Our First Anniversary

I can’t believe it! We have finally reached our first wedding anniversary! I knew we would make it here together because we have been in a relationship altogether for around 4 years so we know we are meant for each but it is still a shock.  I remember when we first dated in college and gradually built our relationship. These memories is what males us stronger and now we are here to celebrate a new one which is our first wedding anniversary. We still haven’t decided on what we want to do for it but we did go our for a romantic meal and all in all had an amazing night out.

platinum ring

I still remember looking through all those wedding rings struggling to try and find the perfect one. I looked through platinum wedding rings, gold wedding rings and a whole bunch of wedding rings in general but I did it in the end. Now the wedding ring will hopefully be with her forever to continue these memories and to build and celebrate new ones.

My Ants Have Finally Gone!

I had a major problem with with an ant infesting my home a few weeks back and it was really causing my family and I real issues because it’s our home not theirs. We decided to call pest control Birmingham to have a look at our home and work out why our home was being infested.


The guys that came over where very friendly and very efficient. They told me that the infestation may have been cause by lollipop that had been pushed under the sofa and some popcorn that had also been pushed under. They said that ants really like sugar because it is much easier for them to store and then use later and it also contains more energy, their normal food source can’t be stored, it has to be use immediately. This is why they always surround sugary foods. He said it is very important that you don’t allow items with a high sugar content to be left out. They took action immediately and before you know the ants simply stopped coming due to the lack of food for them.  They said they also cover pest control Lichfield.


I Installed a Power Flush

I had to install a power flushing system in my home because my heating quality was very poor in my home. I had a guy come round to check my heating and he said that there was a large build up of iron oxide inside the central heating system and the only way to clear and prevent it form happening again is by power flushing. He told me what power flushing does is it shoots clean water through the piping and clears all the build up thats within the pipes allowing a much stronger and efficient heating system.


I was looking at bathrooms because I wanted to change my bath in my bathroom. I was bored of the old one and I wanted a more modern bath tub. Luckily for me I can get both things installed on the same day which was very convenient. I know have a new bath and a revived heating system. After installing the power flush I have noticed my central heatings performance increase. The heating gets hotter quicker and maintains the level of heat

My visit to see my uncle

I wen to visit my uncle who lives in central London. He has a 8 bedroomed home and is fully decorated with additions i’ve rarely seen in homes. First off all he invited me to come visit him as I haven’t seen him for a long time and he wanted to show his home to me.


I went to visit him last week and we had a great time catching up, ate great food and had a good night out. His home was amazing. He had lighting that turned on as you walk in the hallways, he had underfloor heating too. I really liked the underfloor heating it was so comfortable to walk on warm floors and It was one of the first things that shocked me. Other things in his home such as showers with TV’s and radio in them, sauna rooms and even a home  cinema! The home cinema was unbelievable, just the thought alone is enough to amaze you. I truly enjoyed my visit and I am definitely going to visit more often.

Preparing For The Big Day

What is the big day you might be wondering? Well, my partner and I have decided to make one of the biggest decision together. We have decided to get married! I couldn’t be more happier with her and and I know she feels the same way so it’d going to happen in a few weeks from now. I still have enough time to find the perfect wedding ring for as I haven’t got one yet. I just want something special and unique because it will represent what she is to me.

platinum ring


I have been looking for wedding rings Birmingham and I have found some nice looking rings but I just want something slightly different but elegant. Luckily for me I still have time yet to find it. I am not a fan of gold jewellery and neither is she so I was thinking of purchasing a platinum ring for her. Platinum looks really nice I have seen them in some jewellers I have been to visit. I will keep you posted on how things go.

Why pay more for your water?

If you are looking to save money on your water bills and would like to have quick, easy access to large amounts of water, great! What I am about to cover in this post is ideal for you. If not, do not worry, it may still interest you.

The best possible way to save money on your water bills is to install a rainwater harvesting system.

What’s a rainwater harvesting system? You may ask, it is simply a process that allows to collect rainwater and store it safely for re-use.


Isn’t the water going to be dirty? No, in fact rain water is the opposite, rainwater is naturally purified through evaporation and doesn’t require treatment however it can gather some contaminants while being collected through a drainage pipe so there will be a filter within the system.

The water you have collected is usually stored in a some sort of water storage tank, this water can has many purposes such as:

  • Watering your garden/land
  • Washing and cleaning
  • Supplying water for pets

And much more. After the initial cost o installation you continue to save money due to the rainwater being free.

4 Years and Counting!

I was on a search for an engagement ring for my partner. We have been in a relationship together for 4 years and we have decided we want to push our relationship even further by getting engaged. I couldn’t be more happier with our decision. We both agree that we are perfect for each other and we already have an apartment together and we already have been discussing our future together.

platinum ring

I have been searching online for an engagement ring that is elegant yet flashy. I do want the engagement ring to have a few diamonds on it and preferably for the engagement ring to be platinum, I wan’t to be able to prove to her and her family that I am financially stable even though she knows. I remembered about the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham and how my friends where telling me how good this place is to find jewellery. I decided to take one of my mates with me to look for engagement rings Jewellery Quarter. What I loved the most was the variety and the fact that I could look at each ring properly and the jewellers where all close together so it was easily comparable. I have found a ring I really like but I still want to see if theres anything better.

Meaningful Gift

I was searching for hand crafted jewellery in Leicester. The reason why I was searching for hand crafted jewellery and not just plain jewellery you find in jewellers is mainly because I was looking for something unique and meaningful. What I discovered after having a browse through many jewellers is that they seem to all be very similar and very traditional. I didn’t want the jewellery that I was about to purchase to be common in anyway.

bespoke ring

I was looking for a ring for my mothers 50th birthday. I wanted the ring to be special and unique. After browsing through the web I came across Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery. What made Hamlingtons so special is that they provide you with fine hand crafted jewellery that is designed to suit you. The jewellery is made by them and there isn’t no middle man. This was ideal for me as it is what I was looking for and what was even better is that they have jewellers in Leicester too.

Upgrade Your Heating

If you are looking to upgrade your heating system the ideal upgrade would be to install an underfloor heating.

An underfloor heating system is a revolutionary new way to heat up your entire flooring and room. The way underfloor heating works is very simple, underfloor heating usually consists of carefully placed heating mats that are placed beneath your flooring and are spread out evenly for perfect heat distribution and comfort. This new heating system is ideal for ultimate heating comfort.

There are many ways you can benefit from underfloor heating but some of the main positive features are;

  • Warm floors
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Very low running costs
  • No maintenance required
  • No servicing required
  • Easy to install
  • Gradually gets colder as the heat reaches above your head for ultimate comfort

There are many other benefits depending on your needs. Those are some of the main features. Underfloor heating is very long lasting too. The only real issue you may have is that the system requires the floor to be raised to make room for the heating system so it may not be suitable for some homes.

Explore The World

Learning to drive is a good way to start exploring the world and allowing a sense of freedom in your life because of how quick and convenient driving is. Many people across the world and the UK are currently driving or learning how to drive. If you want to be able to learn how to drive there are thousands of instructors across the nation but it all depends where you live for instance I live in Birmingham so I would essentially need a driving instructor Birmingham.

Cartoon Car

Driving is a great skill that a lot of future employers may look at of interest. It is also a skill that you can benefit from the most because it will allow you to travel to places where public transport can’t. If you are interested in learning how to drive you will need to find an instructor near you and you will also need to have a fair amount of money because driving lessons and driving in general is not cheap at all.